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Sunday Service - October 21 at 10.30am

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Fall Worship Theme: Preparing Room: The Blessings of Place

Pilgrimage of Sacred Places - Saturday, October 20th at 8.30am
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Port Nelson United Caring - Reaching Out Initiatives
Port Nelson United Churech Refugee Program  

Syrian Refugee Group

Starting in 1978 Port Nelson United Church has helped to sponsor three families - a family from Vietnam (1978), a family from Bosnia (1997), and a family from Colombia (1999).

On December 10, 2016 our PNUC Refugee Group Co-Chairs Mat Ardron and Mary Carey met our first sponsored Syrian refugee, Hamza, at the Toronto International Airport. Hamza has been learning English, first through The Skills Centre for Development and Training, and then at Central High School. He is now enrolled at Gary Allan High School for adults. Besides being a full time student, Hamza is also working full time hours at a local restaurant. Hamza has done remarkably well in learning a new language and in getting caught up on many years of missed educational opportunity. He is helping to support financially his recently widowed mother and his two young sisters still in Syria.

Our family of three Syrian women (mother and daughter and mother's sister) arrived in Canada on November 3, 2016. This family was deemed special needs by the Canadian government as the sister has Down Syndrome. This family requires a two year commitment to help them settle into Canadian life. The mom is receiving private tutoring in English from a volunteer and her daughter is a student at Central High School. In May of this year the daughter delivered a beautiful baby girl. The daughter's husband lives in Lebanon. A lawyer is working with our group pro bono to reunite this family in Canada.

At this time our greatest need is cash donations. Here is a link to our donations page at CanadaHelps.org. Scroll down in the selection box to B. "Syrian Refugee Sponsorship."

Thank you to all of those who have responded to meet our immediate needs. We are richly blessed.

Providing Vouchers to those in need  

Voucher Program
Vouchers at Port Nelson fill a glaring gap. At this time, every other month on Thursday morning between 10:00 a.m. and noon people are invited to come for a $25.00 Voucher they may receive once a month. While food banks have become an essential element of food supply for those on the margins, Vouchers allow folks to purchase what food banks don´t usually provide: over-the-counter medications, vitamins, baby formula, cleaning supplies, etc. Our team of volunteers creates a welcoming, friendly environment in which people feel at home. There are even fresh-baked goodies available from time to time along with chocolate bars and granola bars for snacking. Ice-cold bottles of water have been enthusiastically received in the dog days of summer. There are even cuddly dolls for children, scarves, hats and gloves for everyone and socks for the men.

If you feel moved to donate to the Voucher Program – making a difference for folks struggling to get back on their feet – please write a cheque to Port Nelson United Church “Vouchers” and send it to the church office or put it in the offering plate. Every portion – 100% – goes to support the program. Thank you.

Providing Food Vouchers to the Needy  

Food Access
We are blessed by God´s abundance. Out of such abundance we share with the community. Every third Sunday, we collect food and money for the Burlington Food Bank, delivering those donations the following week. We work together with other congregations in Burlington to collaborate, pooling our resources, our energy and our programmes for the wider community. We do not stand alone in caring, for God calls us to reach out abundantly.

Community Suppers at Wellington Square  

Community Suppers
Every 1st Friday night of the month at Wellington Square United Church we provide a nourishing hot meal for anyone who wishes to attend. Beginning at 4:00 p.m., with supper served at 6:00 p.m. and clean-up completed by 8:00 p.m., between 50 and 80 people are served — including we who prepared the meal.

While Jesus did say "Feed my sheep," there is a lot of laughter, tears (onions, you know...) and wonderful conversation as we reach out in partnership into the community to share God´s love.

Reaching Out Committee  

Reaching Out Committee

Reaching out is active. It means we get our hands "dirty." We open the doors and windows of opportunity to invite people to work together — starting with charity, growing into mission and maturing through justice. We reach out by raising awareness, by keeping people informed of what they can do, by encouraging folks to grow in their faith in action, by living love. We reach out with a readiness to discover, to encourage and to support new ways of sharing God´s love. Let´s do it together!