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Sunday Service - October 21 at 10.30am

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Fall Worship Theme: Preparing Room: The Blessings of Place

Pilgrimage of Sacred Places - Saturday, October 20th at 8.30am
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Womans Fellowship at Port Nelson United Church
To reach out to one another and our world as we grow spiritually in a caring, inclusive, Christian community enriched by meaningful worship.
This is what our church family tries to do and be in our community and world in our time. Our mission is built upon our wonderfully rich history in south Burlington, Ontario.

Our Story
Our story is both rich in history and current events. Recently member Penny Heneke wrote an article about our church being inclusive which received much acclaim. Click here to see the Hamilton Spectator article.

Port Nelson's history is very much tied to the development of the City of Burlington. Like most communities, Port Nelson began rather informally when a small group of people who had been part of the former Trinity and St Paul's United Churches in downtown Burlington felt God was calling them to begin a new church in the Roseland area.

The first public gatherings of the new church were in the former Glenwood School, near the corner of Guelph Line and Glenwood School Drive. In April, 1952, we received our charter as an "official" congregation of The United Church – Canada's largest Protestant denomination. This ensured the church's long-term viability, and the congregation purchased land on Guelph Line at First Street in the area that was originally known as Port Nelson, prior to the incorporation of the City of Burlington. A small building was erected that is, today, used as the Burlington headquarters of the Red Cross.

Out of the hearts of fifty families arose the vision for Port Nelson United Church in 1952. We dedicate this work to these young families whose vision and sacrifice, and by whose example we are inspired.

Port Nelson United Church, 1957

The new and thriving church quickly outgrew this facility and, in 1957, built a larger structure a few blocks east on South Drive near Rossmore Boulevard in the developing and picturesque Roseland neighbourhood.

In just five years the congregation outgrew this facility and, in 1962, the worship space that is presently used opened.

Port Nelson United Church, 1960

Seating about 600 people, it has been the site of countless celebrations and markings of life stages for several generations of people. The space features a long central aisle, detailed stained glass windows that tell of the life of Jesus as well as contemporary church history, and a fine 3-manual 1962 Casavant organ which is the centerpiece of a long-standing program of musical excellence.

Port Nelson has had a long history of reaching out into its surrounding community. It was the meeting place in the early development of the Nelson Youth Centres and continues to be an important part of the Centres' life and work today. Port Nelson was one of the founders of Habitat for Humanity Halton and the Burlington Inter-Church Council. This history of reaching out continues to this day as, in recent months, Port Nelson has been instrumental in the development of weekly community suppers, food access programs and inter-church worship services and prayer opportunities.