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The celebration of Kinley's Baptism at Port Nelson United Church


Sunday Service - September 23 at 10.30am

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Pilgrimage of Sacred Places - Saturday, October 20th at 8.30am
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Rekindle Update - September 2018

Visioning Team Update September 2018

Youth Service Trip to Guatemala March 2019
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Visioning Plan 2017

Youth Service Trip to Guatemala - Sponsor John Greven's cross-Canada bike trip to raise money for Guatemala!
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Port Nelson Annual Report - 2017

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Celebrating Baptism at Port Nelson United ChurchPort Nelson United ChurchRossmore Drive, Roseland, BurlingtonContemporary Style Sanctuary

Baptisms at Port Nelson United Church

If you are reading this, chances are you have a child you wish to have baptized, or, perhaps, you are seeking baptism for yourself. At Port Nelson, we believe that baptism is a celebration of the grace of God and the experience and action of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

All individuals, parents and caregivers seeking baptism for themselves or their children are welcomed and supported in their faith journeys. Any who, in good faith, can publicly respond to the promises can be baptized. The church family pledges to form the community of love in which those being baptized will grow.

Baptism occurs during regular worship and is offered about six times a year as appropriate. The service of baptism, including the promises, can be downloaded here.

In lieu of baptism or as a pre-curser to baptism, short services of blessing for individuals and/or families can be arranged during regular worship services or at other times and in other venues.

We would be pleased to talk further with you about baptism or services of blessing. The first step is to contact the Minister, Rev. Michael Brooks. He will arrange to visit with you and your family to discuss baptism and the experiences of your life journey that have brought you to seek baptism.